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There, they find a massive pipe-organ and inspired by the presence of the instrument, the field-chaplain of the troops, Reverend Lee Dunklewood, starts playing the fascinating instrument. During his performance, the soldiers are overpowered by the Dictator and only the Reverend and Caroline survive. The two find themselves as Satur’s hostages, understanding that the situation is dead serious. He threatens to kill them if they do not obey his every wish and demands of the Reverend to continue playing for him on the organ. He does not hide his unpredictability, leaving the Reverend and Caroline fearing and fighting for their lives.
Caroline tries to survive by keeping Satur interested in her conversation. Taking a big risk, she bravely asks the Dictator for an exclusive interview. Satur, seemingly impressed by her challenging attitude, agrees on giving her what she wants.

The Dictator commences his last public address accompanied by Reverend Lee’s organ music. His political speech maps out the future he predicts for the rich and privileged people on earth, producing a scenario of borders, fences and walls. Challenged by Caroline’s questions, Satur elaborates on power and its merits and downsides. He shows an understanding of the sacrifices he had to make in order to become the absolute Dictator. During his speech the sound of the Reverend’s organ becomes larger-than-life.

When the official part of the speech is over, Caroline becomes even more daring. She challenges him by trying to demask the man of power, asking him personal questions to get a look behind his facade. Seeing through her scheme, Satur decides to play along, more and more appreciating their growing mutual intimacy …

With electronics by Franz Danksagmüller