Voca People

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Voca People.

Voca People take you on a thrilling and original musical adventure unlike anything you’ve experienced before!
Award winning, Full of energy and bursting with comedy and fun, this international phenomenon features more than 100 all-time favorite hits from Madonna to Michael Jackson via Mozart! No instruments, no sound effects – just eight incredible, talented singer-comedians.

VOCA PEOPLE Statistics:

– Performed in over 40 countries.
– 3 million tickets sold worldwide
– Over 100 million YouTube hits
– Over 180,000 Facebook Fans

– New York Off Broadway 15 months run, 500 shows.
– Winner of Lortel award for ┬źBest theatrical experience┬╗.
– Paris run, 500 shows, Local licensed company.
– France, Belgium, Switzerland tour 250 shows, over 40 cities.
– South America 300 shows, Local Brazil licensed company
– Asia: China 4 tours, Korea 3 tours, Singapore 3tours.
– Israel 400 shows.

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